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The second series continues with Blacklist International yet to taste defeat and NXPE looking to keep their playoffs life breathing. NXPE targeted Blacklist support OhmyV33enus’ hero pool by banning his popular picks and locking in Pharsa for Hesa, forcing the Blacklist support to pick Popol and Kupa. The squad was also able to lock in a signature pick for Edward with the Paquito and Kimmy for OHEB. NXPE opted for a teamfight composition that relies on forcing clashes that could give them the advantage. The game started with a slow pace with slow trades of damage without securing any kill. Blacklist relied on scaling with objectives and siphoning gold from turret energy to take a gold lead despite handing the first blood to NXPE almost 4 minutes into the game. Edward’s prowess with Paquito allowed his team to focus on the rest of the map and leave the experience lane in charge with him, shattering the turret and making sure to maximize execution of mobility. Both teams were careful to not give up any kills where in the mid to endgame neither team were able to reach 10 kills but Blacklist with their rampaging squad and slippery Paquito were able to take almost 10,000 gold in terms of net worth lead which proved to be the difference maker in the conservative playstyle implemented by both teams Edward’s diversion and outplay to NXPE distracted the whole team for his squad to the secure the lord at the 14 – minute mark and survive with barely any health to spare for battle. This was the greenlight for Blacklist to seize through the opponent’s base and finish them off to take the first game with eight kills on the board.

Blacklist used the same lineup in game 2 but Renejay and Edward swapped their picks and NXPE changing their formula to go for a comeback in the series. Coordination from the undefeated squad proved to be the ingredient for success with their close quarters’ awareness enabled them to outroam the opposing squad to take the first turret in less than 3 minutes. NXPE countered the zone dominance by securing the turtle and taking the farm in their side. Yawi’s Grock pick served as the front man to keep the charging opponents at bay and take the first two kills on the board. NXPE prompted a more aggressive approach compared to the first game which startled the calm, snowballing pace of Blacklist. With six kills and two turtles for NXPE within 7 minutes, all eyes were on H2wo’s Lancelot and Renejay that are already online in executing opponents and challenge skirmishes to their favor. The squad focused on more objectives and set their eyes on the lord. Blacklist’s conservative playstyle allowed them to snowball in the midgame where the lead was not conceded and kept close to each other. The base rush at 14 minutes forced NXPE to retreat and stall the overrunning squad but the lack of minions denied their chance of stealing away the win. The battle went on until the lord take by NXPE allowed the team to split push their way and push through Blacklist’s remaining defenses, luring them into isolated teamfights and force a game 3.

Just when NXPE thought they could finally break the code, Blacklist took the chance to take the Rafaela pocket pick of OhmyV33nus along with Edward being able to lock in Phoveus and Nathan for OHEB. NXPE repeated their picks with Hesa swapping Claude for Harith. The map control with the help of Yawi’s Grock allowed NXPE to take the first turtle and keep the pace to their command. Wise’s leading effort however were able to stay toe to toe for the team and keep the game fighting for the lead. NXPE fought harder and took the lead in the midgame where Blacklist struggled to stay connected to the playstyle transition of their opponents. The odds were stacked against the undefeated squad as NXPE continued their tempo to graze the base and hope to break the code. Edward’s Phoveus stood up as its Demonic Force blinked through every dash thrown out to deny possible isolated entries and dish out damage to counter the offense and keep their spirits high and mighty. With 15 minutes running the clock Blacklist has now scaled back the items they needed to contest the objectives and duel their way back to the lead. With the gold now on Blacklist’s favor and the crucial lord secure in the 22 – minute mark, the now recalibrated team looked to unleash their charged-up strength in their rematch with NXPE by exploiting the phantom execute mistake of H2wo and finally deliver the killing blow to take the series win and keep their seat at the top of the ladder.

GAME 1: BLCK WIN 8-3 (16:14)

GAME 2: NXPE WIN 15-6 (16:50)

GAME 3: BLCK WIN 12-12 (26:11)



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Ichiro Itami
- 3 weeks ago
- 3w
hadji's chou oouta nowhere sealed the coffin in game three.