Blacklist: Defending Champions of M3 Goes Up Against the Turkish Champions!

Blacklist: Defending Champions of M3 Goes Up Against the Turkish Champions!
Publish Date 01 Jan 2023
Author Patrick Gallego Santos
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Here we are at the first day of the M4 Worlds Championship and with the opening game includes the champion team of Philippines and Turkey. Blacklist International is one of the most infamous team in mobile legends right now and they are known to using the ube strategy by using tanky heroes and utility to supports to sustain their tank's hp and they their burst and damage in their marksman and mage. INC is a rising superstar known for sweeping through the turkish league with Rosa and Tienzy as their playmaker. With a BO1 match-up, can INC make an upset and defeat the defending world champions?

The early game started off with some pick-offs by Blacklist International that intially started with a 2-man set of King Wise after stealing atlas' fatal links that led to blacklist getting the first blood. Afterwards, Blacklist International quickly roamed the map getting kills in every lane with the help of Wise and Hadji getting the early map control and gold lead. Incendio initiated a counter by killing OhMyVeenus after an astonishing bush check with guinivere's jump and after Blacklist failed initiation attempt; managing to kill 4 members of Blacklist International lessening the gold lead to only 200. After defending Blacklist's Lord they went to use conceal and initiate on OhMyVeenus, but it ultimately backfired as they used all their skills on Kaja and Blacklist went on and counter initiated killing all the members of Incendio and quickly finishing the game. 


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