Benthings Doing His Thing. TNC Start Strong for the Second Half of the Regular Season in Dominating Win Against OMG.

Benthings Doing His Thing. TNC Start Strong for the Second Half of the Regular Season in Dominating Win Against OMG.
Publish Date 18 Mar 2022
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Rising stars TNC conclude the night with a series against OMG. Both teams have been performing at their best in the first half, and are looking to turn up the pace for the second half of the season.

Superstar rookie SDzyz open up the match with his own signature Karina pick to keep his reputation as he leads TNC into getting the momentum building necessary as the season heads into the near end. Kelra also locks in Beatrix as the additional carry paired with the Yve of E2Max to get the space and damage that they need. TNC proved a good answer to the teamfight oriented composition drafted by OMG with the season debut of Odette locked in by Escalera and Kramm’s Esmeralda.

The early game was neck to neck when the scoreboard was even throughout and Escalera providing a wide area of effect damage when it comes to teamfights to secure objectives. OMG had a more aggressive approach as the game went on to the middle to late phase and disoriented the engaging potential of TNC. Heavy frontliners Renzio (Uranus) and Ch4knu (Ruby) provided map proximity and spacing for E2MAX to maximize his Real World Manipulation and lock down TNC into their base and allow OMG to siege through the base and expose the shining crystal wide open.

With Kelra and E2MAX getting the necessary positioning all thanks to the frontliners provided by his teammates, they were able to pair up as the double trouble duo and take the first game to their own.

TNC would not give up battles without putting up a show, so they recalibrated their gears in the second game and racked in kills in the early game, giving them a better start for the lead.

With Yasuwo locking in Karrie and SDzyz now opting for a Ling to duel Raizen’s Lancelot, the snowball that they had rolled made quick work for the squad to take an advantageous second game. They also locked in Dyrroth for Kramm to continue his aggressive EXP lane start.

The flying Ling from SDzyz became trouble for OMG as the split pushing potential of the hero was fully maximized to build up multiple items and take down important targets. TNC’s core members shredded through even Ch4knu’s tank Grock and looked to be their own way of redeeming themselves.

With the lord secured in the 15 minute mark to secure an inhibitor turret, TNC found the opening to the base and end the game in the next minute for another tiebreaker series.

TNC did not hesitate to land the killing blow in the tiebreaker. The aggressive approach that they went for left OMG in big trouble, especially Benthings' Jawhead who denied the farming chances of Raizen's Karina and ejecting any target he could get a hold of because of the burst potential that they drafted for.

A safe, healthy game was presented by TNC when the lead from start to finish was handled thoroughly, keeping all members of OMG at bay and stuck inside their bases, which gave up farm camps and give up the third game without grabbing a single kill, contrary to the eight kills gathered by TNC to close out the series in dominating fashion.

The rising stars yet again continue to pave their names heading into the second half of the regular season and keep their second place spot in the standings.

Post Game:

Game 1:

Game 2:

Game 3:


Game 1: TNC (L) 6 - 13 (W) OMG (18:00)

Game 2: TNC (W) 16 - 5 (L) OMG (15:58)

Game 3: TNC (W) 8 - 0 (L) OMG (17:19)


Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

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