Bennyqt shined, as Echo brought TNC deeper on the standing as they secured 2-1 victory in a dramatic fashion

Bennyqt shined, as Echo brought TNC deeper on the standing as they secured 2-1 victory in a dramatic fashion
Publish Date 26 Sep 2021
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The clash of styles is the name of the game as Echo faces a familiar foe in the name of TNC. Coming off a shocker of a loss, Echo will try to bounce back as they falter into the hands of RSG in three games. Tnc meanwhile, is struggling to have sustainable momentum after unlocking their capabilities by beating BREN a few weeks ago. This game surely is a season defining game for each team and Echo started it with the bang as they showed us once again that they are the master innovators of the game opening up as the Tank-barrage picking some unconventional heroes and playing them into perfection. Bennyqt shined as he brought back Argus from the depths of the abyss and played a key role in this game, RK3 and his Rafaela provided the needed movement speed of the squad that focused on picking the gold laner of TNC (Toshi). Kurtzy (Thamuz), Rafflesia (Grock) and Hades (Baxia) bolster the lineup and they run wild against the squishy line up of TNC as they ride in the backs of Chuu (Yi-Sun-Shin) who did his part as a jungler and tried to find ways on how to deal with the onslaught of Echo. But Hades and the rest of the crew showed that they have the needed experience in winning the game as they secure important pickoffs and finish the game right before TNC can react and make a come back. Bennyqt is the game MVP as the returning Argus showed us why he is no doubt the best gold laner the Philippines has to offer

The second game was a total disaster for the boys in blue as TNC finally clicked and secured a very elusive win on their helm. They returned to their roots as they picked their comfort heroes especially for Light and P-God as they got their hands on Khuffra and Nana. The gameplay is very straight-forward from the beginning for TNC after clearing the wave in the middle lane P-God and Light focused on moving from side to side and securing the kills for TNC. Echo on the other hand is trying to give the fight to TNC as they decide to gather and scored some valuable pick-offs and object on the top lane but 3martzy (Bennedeta) focused on splitting the lanes and taking important objectives for the side of TNC and made Echo decide on whether they will man-up and fight TNC of split-up and contain 3martzy. In the end, Nana and Khuffra proved to be an unlikely tandem to bring a victory for TNC as they controlled every team fight as they secured a game two victory for their side.

Game three is where they returned to their roots, no more surprises as both teams focused on their fullest capabilities and went toe-to-toe. Bennyqt returned to his alpha form as his Chou focused on the split pushing and disruption of the momentum of TNC the match went from wire to wire up until the eighteenth minute as Echo felt the lord dance is not in their favor as they tried to secure it time and time again, but TNC in full form seemed to be so formidable. But Bennyqt (Chou) and Hades (Ling) had other plans as they pushed the base right in front of Toshi (Ruby) who became a vital part of the rotation for TNC since coming from OMEGA. A bitter pill to swallow for TNC as they lose yet again but this time in a dramatic fashion. How will TNC react from another defeat? Will this game help Echo’s morale moving forward? We will find out as we approach the tail end of the regular season

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