Bedel forced into a roster change prior to M3

Bedel forced into a roster change prior to M3
Publish Date 06 Dec 2021
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As the M3 World Championships near, we have a report of one team that have unfortunately had to make a late roster change prior to the event.

In just a few short days, the M3 World Championships for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will get underway, as sixteen teams from across the world begin their fight. Although we are still in the midst of a global pandemic, M3 will be held at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre and will feature a live audience too, as Moonton have opened ticket sales for the event. Unfortunately, while every precaution is being taken to prevent fans, staff, teams, and players from contracting COVID, one team has had an issue before they even left their country.

With Turkey making their triumphant return to the World Championships, after missing out on M2, BEDEL were able to conquer the qualifier, sending them on a direct path to M3. Unfortunately for the Turkish squad, prior to their departure, one of their main players tested positive for COVID, meaning that he was unable to join in at the event. Mehmed Akif “Kazue” Öztürk, BEDEL’s jungle player, had his pre-flight PCR test come up positive, which left the team in a rush to find a replacement.

image courtesy of Bedel

Thankfully, a content creator, Osman “Paranoid” Karademir was able to fill in when the team needed it most. Paranoid has been playing MLBB for around 5 years and will swap to the mid-lane role, while Batuhan “Farway” Sonmez will take the Jungle role for the team in the M3 World Championships run.

Although this is the only case of COVID reported so far, it is great that BEDEL will still be able to participate at the event. It is also fantastic to see that Moonton are doing everything in their power to create a safe environment for everyone, from players to fans. With only a few days remaining until the M3 World Championships get underway, we are looking forward to seeing just what the teams and Moonton have in store for us.

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