Attack on Titan. New Found Titans ECHO Demolish Blacklist International the Second Time Around in 2-0 sweep.

Attack on Titan. New Found Titans ECHO Demolish  Blacklist International the Second Time Around in 2-0 sweep.
Publish Date 27 Mar 2022
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Titans of the Old Blacklist International go head to head once again against the New FoundTitans ECHO in Week 6 Day 3 of the MPL Regular Season.

Despite losing to TNC in yesterday’s match, ECHO is now sitting as the first team to secure their playoffs spot and are still looking to maximize their points and strategies to stay on top of the ladder. Blacklist International, on the other hand, needs to pull off all their strings in order to get their own wins and secure their own chances to get into the playoffs.

The first game starts as a battle of the sustains where ECHO’s Yawi locks in a Masha for the roaming position and a Uranus for the additional sustain, paired with the tank shredder Karrie locked in by KarlTzy and Pharsa for KurtTzy. Blacklist International shows their own formula with the Baxia jungle for Kevier and Eson’s Grock to add more damage and tankiness.

The Masha showed to be a successful piece for ECHO’s puzzle for victory as the damage output dished out by the hero had to be the problem Blacklist had to mitigate. The added mobility of the squad secured the kills and crippled the forces of Blacklist’s chances for retaliation, leaving them unable to secure kills as much as ECHO is doing so.

Because of the triple trouble of the Tzy brothers and the veterans Bennyqt and Yawi, the squad made quick work to secure the first game and finish the game in flawless style.

With Blacklist International having their backs pushed hard against the wall, ECHO yet again does a deja vu action in the second game of the series where the dominance held by the first game was easily refuelled to show off their loud and proud momentum.

KarltTzy’s Ling became a tremendous force to be reckoned with coupled with 3MartTzy’s Yu Zhong and KurtTzy’s Pharsa. Yawi’s Jawhead also ejected targets for easy kills that allowed the squad to snowball in a blink of an eye and reach a net worth advantage of as much as 12,000 gold.

ECHO’s powerhouse status shouted dominance and continued to decapitate any moving chances of Blacklist International, which led the Kevier and the squad to suffer too much and give off their heads 25 times in 11 minutes of the game, securing the series flawlessly. Blacklist only had 5 kills overall despite showing perseverance.

This puts the team in a tight situation where they may be eliminated from playoffs contention, the first time to happen for the M3 Champion squad.

Match Results:

Game 1

Game 2

Picks and Bans:

Game 1: BLCK (L) 4 - 16 (W) ECHO (12:59)

Game 2: BLCK (L) 5 - 25 (W) ECHO (11:10)


Game 1

Game 2

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