A Test of Chemistry and Execution: ONIC PH with a crucial victory as playoffs comes into fruition

A Test of Chemistry and Execution: ONIC PH with a crucial victory as playoffs comes into fruition
Publish Date 18 Sep 2022
Author Marc Corrales
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Two hungry teams eager to retain the place at the better half of the leaderboard. RSG PH are still looking bright in their journey to defend their title, while ONIC PH still want to show the league why it will be their time.

For both teams who always prioritize and give emphasis on their EXP laners, it was surprising that there were no significant bans catered to fighters in the first banning phase. Both teams were able to grab on-demand first pick heroes - Julian for the RSG, while Beatrix and Paquito for ONIC. ONIC ended up with a composstion focused on pickoffs, whereas RSG's draft was well balanced with decent area damage potential and crowd control

The early game started off with similar rotations from both teams, with both midlaners visiting the EXP lane to get to level 4 to allow their roamers to get the EXP on the mid lane to level up as well. RSG were able to slay the first Turtle, but ONIC was able to trade by picking off Demonkite. With the Masha on the side of RSG PH, they were able to maximize the hero with the first turret in the EXP lane already taken down early in the game. Light's Grock served as a safeguard for the Raiders, preventing ONIC's ambush plays. Turrets and gold were even for both teams through the 10th minute, with teamfights always erupting either down the midlane or around the Lord. Eventually, RSG were able to slay the first Lord, slowly sieging into ONIC's turrets. After 14 minutes into the game and countless teamfights, both teams' midlane turrets were taken down, and the second Lord dance was won by ONIC this time. Due to this, ONIC gained more confidence to take over the map, however RSG were able to find Nets with the help of EMANN and Nathzz, allowing the side of the Raiders to secure the next Lord. RSG sat confident on the map after exposing ONIC's base by the 22-minute mark. However, a crucial pickoff on EMANN by Ryota opened an opportunity for ONIC to slay the final Lord and eventually crippling the Raiders.

A crucial pickoff resulted in a significant turnaround for the side of ONIC PH as they secure the first game against RSG PH.


The draft of game #2 gave another taste for both teams, especially with the Faramis and Valentina matchup now up for grabs for both teams. RSG and ONIC's macro gameplay was put to the test with their compositions both oriented towards teamfights. ONIC ended up with a relatively tanky lineup with an Atlas, Thamuz and Baxia on their side, but the Raiders were able to respond by drafting the Claude.

Both teams played very slow for the first few minutes of the game, making the game very even at this point. This was good news for RSG since all they had to do was wait it our and scale in time. All turtles were slain by the side of ONIC, whereas RSG found trades by picking off Ryota on the opposide side of the map. ONIC started to get a lead and eventually snowball their way to victory after a significant clash initiated by Rapidoot and SUPER FRINCE, resulting in securing the Lord and another successful teamfight on their favor. 

After a wipeout on their favor, ONIC found the base of the Raiders, outsmarting them and sweeping them resulting in a 2-0 for the super rookie team and securing their playoffs spot.


GAME 1 (24:55) - RSG 12 (L); ONIC 16 (W)

GAME 2 (10:49) - ONIC 10 (W); RSG 4 (L)



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