A Brawl Between the Cambodian Champions and The Philippines' Prime Blacklist International

A Brawl Between the Cambodian Champions and The Philippines' Prime Blacklist International
Publish Date 03 Jan 2023
Author Marc Corrales
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Two notable contenders have faced on the M4 stage to test their skills and capabilities with the hopes of claiming it all. Blacklist International from the Philippines is back once again to prove themselves that the M-series world championship shall remain within their grasp, while the Cambodian contenders Burn x Flash, led by Filipino coach Zico, want to prove the world that they are worthy of the trophy as well. Who will dare more to be great between these two world-class teams?


As the meta has shifted, priority bans revolved around heroes such as Gloo and Karrie, which was why Blacklist removed them from the table. On the other hand, Burn x Flash went for respect bans onto Edward, Hadji and OhmyV33nus. Both teams' picks were pretty standard overall in terms of the current META, with familiar heroes such as the Akai, Yve and Xavier to name a few. Both teams had well-rounded compositions in terms of damage, control and mobility, however Blacklist had a balance between teamfight and pick off potential.


Blacklist started the game pretyy aggressively against Burn x Flash, forcing some spells used and an early first blood before the turtle take. Skirmishes transpired all over the map during the midgame, and Blacklist's aggression amplified with the help of OhmyV33nus' Angelia pick. It was a different shade of Black during this game, with seven kills by the 7th minute, continuously asserting their dominance onto the Cambodian champions. The entire map was almost in control of Blacklist International by the time the first Lord has spawned, which was easily taken by the Agents. With eleven minutes in and almost an eight thousand gold lead, it was Blacklist's game to lose. After slaying the second Lord, Blacklist found themselves in the base of Burn x Flash, attempting to end the game.

With a clean victory against the contenders from Cambodia, the Filipino champions still stand proud with a chance to claim an upper bracket slot. 




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