Blu Fire

BnK Blufire was founded last July 2020 by Mark "Bayabas" Gavin and Carlo "Kuku" Palad.

This is the perfect time to make a new chapter for us with these remarkable players: Cedric "Fuzaken" Pasusani, Shemaiah Daniel "Chuuu" Chu, Jashary Zach "Secret" Gabionza, Louie "Unseen" Ballesteros Dampil, Aaron "AaronQt" Lim and Jay "Crypzu" Villanueva.

Although Bnk Blufire is newly formed to the e-sports scene they believe that with determination and extended support, the BnK Blufire is going to be the MPL champion. #UnleashTheHeat

  • MPL-PH S5: 7-8th Place (Former Team: ULVL)