Blacklist International

Blacklist International is the esports label of Tier One Entertainment. As a global-caliber organization, the team seeks to prove that representing the Philippines is an outstanding career choice. Backed by power duo V33Wise and key player Oheb joining their line-up, the team will certainly break the code, gearing to shake up this season with their presence.

  • MPL S2: 4th Place (Former Team: Sxc Imbalance)
  • MPL S3: 4th Place (Former Team: EVOS PH)
  • MPL S4: 7-8th Place  (Former Team: EVOS Esports PH)
  • MPL S5: 5-6th Place
  • MPL-PH S6: 5th-8th Place
  • ONE Esports MPL Invitational: 9th-12th Place