The Scorching Encounter

The Scorching Encounter
Publish Date 05 Sep 2021
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The battle of the young stars will unfold as TNC, and ONIC find themselves battling for the right to remain in winning ways. Tnc who just passed their recent exam by dismantling their Master Bren Esports while Onic still continue their winning ways by defeating the crowd darlings Nexplay Evos.

Tnc will rely on their fast paced run and gun offense where Light and P-God look to lead the way for the guys in orange and black while Onic will continue to redefine the reverse ube strategy where they will start the initiation on one side then push on the other lanes. The battle of the young prodigy and the seasoned veteran will also be in the looks where Kairi will battle it out against the jungle of Tnc in the form of Chuu.


The firepower of both teams is just so powerful as the young guns faced the battles tested veterans. Onic started the game with all guns blazing as they pushed Tnc on the backs of their towers due to the aggressive plays of Kairi and his signature Lancelot pick. The vision game and the control from Beemo(Popol and Kuppa) utilized the capacity of 3martzy’s Lapu-Lapu, who’s having a hard time to commit his heavy damage.

On the other side of the map it was Hatred with his Paquito controlled the tempo and checked Kousei’s Benedetta. But, the ultimate factor for the game one victory of Onic lies on the hand of their longest tenured General Dlarskie and his Uranus who spammed stickers and TP’s across the base of TNC who is known to be the master of TP’s and stickers.

It was a classic Onic play that led them to a game one victory. The sheer dominance continued in game two, in a seemingly perfect game Onic Philippines shut down all of the borders and kept TNC within their area code. It was a complete stomp where Onic secured every objective and cleared all of them until the end of the game. Objectives where completely secured by Kairi’s Ling while Dlarskie’s Thamuz and Hatred’s Alice sustained the damage for the side of the boys in yellow and black.

Baloyskie (Popol and Kuppa) as well as Beemo (Grock) controlled the map by means of their vision coming from the traps and the way how Grock rotates. TNC on the other hand had a hard time in finding their strides, they got their hands on the heroes that they are comfortable to play with but the masterful plan of Onic extinguished the fire out of TNC. Hatred and Beemo were the MVP of this series and let us see if their streak will continue as the tournament went on. On the other hand, Tnc suffers one of their most lopsided defeat since transferring from Work Auster Force let’s see if they can return to their winning ways and learn from the beatdown that they experienced in this series.


Game 1 TNC 5 - ONIC 10 (17:31) MVP Hatred: (4-0-3)


Game 2 TNC 2 - ONIC 7 (12:23) MVP Beemo: 0-1-6


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