ONIC is back on their winning ways as The General lead the troops to victory

ONIC is back on their winning ways as The General lead the troops to victory
Publish Date 26 Sep 2021
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The battle for supremacy continued as Onic Philippines tried to bounce back after a disappointing outing against Bren Esports on their last outing. Same fate was suffered by NXP as they fell against Bren as well. Onic will try to come back to winning ways as they try to secure one of the top two seeds in the standing, NXP on the other hand is trying to move away from the bottom two seed and secure a playoff berth. Every game is important and every defeat will be detrimental and Onic wasted no time as they lean towards picking the Ling. Being in the blue side really helped Onic in not just securing the Ling for Kairi but also, denying it to H2wo who settled for a Alucard pick. The return of the Kimmy was felt especially by the way Markyyyyy is using it. Lylia (Baloyskie) provided the magical burst that kept NXPE guessing on who to attack. The abyssal traps were not a problem thanks to Beemo and his Grock that provided enough tankiness and secured clutch wild charges. NXP showed resilience despite the early aggression from ONIC but the Khuffra (Yawi) failed to land any significant support as NXPE faltered in an early victory for Onic and secured game one.

Game two on the other hand was a methodical approach for Onic Philippines that started with the Grock by Beemo that secured the map control for the boys in yellow and black. The elusiveness of Karina (Kairi) made life difficult for H2wo (Natan) and made him wary of a gank. Jeymz (YuZhong) provided fear for NXPE side but the mobility of Onic paved way for a counter initiations even Yawi (Jawhead) had a hard time in ejecting heroes thanks to the burst from Dlarskie (Paquito) and Baloyskie(Lylia). The game went to the twentieth minute mark but Onic still had the control from the tenth minute, that’s how methodical is the approach for Onic Philippines clogging the lanes and focused on locking down the heavy hitters for NXPE. With this win Onic is two points below the top seed Blacklist International. NXPE on the other side is one point ahead of seventh seed Omega Esports. Every win is important for both teams and the best is yet to come as we head on the final stretch of the regular season.

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