A Battle in a Sea of Gold

A Battle in a Sea of Gold
Publish Date 10 Sep 2022
Author Marc Corrales
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The super rookie team of ONIC PH seek to find their place at the top seed on the leaderboard, while BREN’s redemption arc is slowly taking its place. Which team will be the more dominant shade of yellow this time around?

Game #1's draft was pretty standard all throughout in terms of bans and hero picks. BREN got the Franco and Beatrix combo for themselves, while ONIC PH grabbed meta picks Valentina and Julian. BREN was able to draft a Cecilion on their side for late game damage, whereas ONIC PH got aggressive heroes such as Dyrroth and an Irithel for late game skirmishes and clashes.

The early game was no question for ONIC PH, based on what they have shown the past few weeks; Rapidoot was a nuisance in disrupting the enemy jungle, and a pickoff also happened onto BREN's jungler KyleTzy down on the midlane before the first turtle. As ONIC continued to dominate the early game and slowly transitioning it to the mid game, BREN's win condition was to buy time in order for Pheww and Super Marco to scale in time. However, a turtle clash emerged initiated by Pandora, successfully picking off Sensui, eventually resulting in BREN grabbing their first turtle of the game. It was even in terms of gold transitioning into the first Lord, until ONIC PH were able to pull off an exceptional clash and counter play against BREN. The first lord went under the hands of ONIC, giving them a huge lead in map pressure. Due to their lead, ONIC easily secured the second Lord. With an aggressive siege by ONIC, they were able to find significant pickoffs and eventually the base of BREN. 

ONIC's synergy prevailed as they bagged the first win against BREN Esports, 1-0.


The second game's draft was no different for the side of ONIC, except for the fact that the Beatrix was on their side this time. BREN first few picks on the other hand were all about full aggression, consisting of the Paquito, Dyrroth and Julian. Overall, ONIC's lineup was all about pressure once again, while BREN tries to attempt a different taste of aggression.

The game started pretty quiet, as both teams were eyeing each others junglers, but a good poke attempt on the EXP lane was beautifully done by BREN, securing the first turtle of the game. Despite the abundance of skirmishes that happened during the early stages of the game, it was only until the third minute wherein the first few kills were secured care of the side of BREN. Another turtle was slain, followed by the first turret taken down in the gold lane by BREN. With a four thousand gold lead, BREN continued to apply pressure and dominance onto the super rookie team; it seemed like ONIC had a difficult time to find counter plays or tradeoffs around the map. It was a night-and-day performance for the side of BREN, as it looked like they were able to read ONIC's movements from the first game. Nine minutes in, BREN was able to secure the first Lord and all of their turrets remained untouched. It was pretty much a one-sided match in favor for the side of BREN, and ONIC was not able to find any answer to alleviate the snowball effect.

BREN sparked a fighting chance as they equalized the series 1-1 against ONIC PH.


Fairly similar picks were drafted once again for the third game, however BREN finally drafted the hyped up Lancelot by KyleTusok, while ONIC was still persistent in picking the Balmond, Beatrix and Grock. Both drafts were very offensive in nature, and it was a matter of who will scale first between ONIC's Lunox pick versus BREN's Claude pick.

The tension was prevalent as soon as the game started; both teams attempted to disrupt each other's jungle camps, however the first turtle take was secured by BREN thanks to KyleTzy. ONIC drew first blood, which helped them slay the next turtle. By the seventh minute, it was an even ball game between BREN and ONIC; gold and turrets were relatively even, until a chaotic skirmish happened on the mid lane, with a clever bait by BREN picking off ONIC's Sensui, and a clean Blazing Duet by Super Marco picking up another kill. This transitioned into a Lord take by the side of BREN, resulting into an evident lead against ONIC. 14 minutes in to the game, BREN secured the enhanced Lord, hoping to bring down the base of ONIC while having all of their turrets intact. A minute later, Nets was able to pick off Pheww with the help of Rapidoot, however they were both punished by Super Marco and KyleTzy, resulting into another free Lord attempt. 

With an amazing siege by the Hive, BREN Esports bag the third game against the super rookie team. BREN came out as the more dominant golden team in this series as they won 2-1.

GAME 1 (15:12) - ONIC 17 (W); BREN 11 (L)

GAME 2 (13:38) - ONIC 1 (L); BREN 5 (W)

GAME 3 (18:06) - BREN 7 (W); ONIC 3 (L)



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