NXP's Renejay: "We like playing with EXE. I hope both of us will meet on the Playoffs." [full team interview]

NXP's Renejay: "We like playing with EXE. I hope both of us will meet on the Playoffs." [full team interview]
Publish Date: 20 Oct 2020
Author: Steven Cropley

VPEsports had the chance to talk with Nexplay Solid following the teams surprising end to the regular season. The new Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League – Philippines team in Season 6 talked about their debut season performance, taking down Aura PH, their love for playing Execration, and more.


VPEsports: This is your team’s first season in MPL-PH and currently you hold a record of 6-6 which puts you in fourth in your group. What do you think of your team’s performance so far?

MB: “I think we did good since we’re just a newbie team but we showed we deserve the spot.”
Chester: “There are times that we are down because of our performance but we keep on pushing. I still think we did a decent run this Regular Season.”
Renejay: “It’s okay.”
Yawi: “We’re doing our best so I think our performance is okay.”
H2wo: “Our performance is average but we’ll do better in Playoffs.”
Jimnest: “We’ve defeated Aura PH in a series so I think we did more than what the people are expecting.”

VPEsports: We have to mention your week 7 results which saw you take down Execration and back-to-back champions Aura PH. How did you prepare for those matches? Were you expecting those wins given the experience of those teams?

MB: “We’re expecting that win because we trained harder the week before.”
Chester: “We have a set of time to practice and scrim to other teams. All of our matches, we expect it to win.”
Renejay: “Practice is the key. Of course we expected those wins.”
Yawi: “We got back to our comfortable picks and we plan harder for our drafts. I guess we expected those wins.”
H2wo: “We practice hard on those matches and we are expecting to win.”
Jimnest: “There’s a strict training time and I can say we practiced harder a week before.

VPEsports: What has your team learned from this experience? Any big things you have fixed or plan to fix?

MB: “Discipline. We need to wait on the right time to execute our move. We’re fixing our discipline in the battles.”
Chester: “Probably we learned that we need to push harder every match and not be complacent.”
Renejay: “We’re doing the same as what we’re doing in qualifiers. We just need to get back to our fundamentals.”
Yawi: “We learned that all teams deserve their spots here so we need to push our limits.”
H2wo: “Don’t underestimate your opponents. Plan ahead.”
Jimnest: “Discipline is the root cause of success. We should be strict with our practice time.”

VPEsports: Which team do you like playing the most and why? Same for which team you dislike playing?

MB: “We like playing with EXE. It’s exciting. There’s no team we dislike playing with.”
Chester: “We like playing with EXE. The hype is real.”
Renejay: “We like playing with EXE. I hope both of us will meet on the Playoffs.”
Yawi: “We like playing with EXE. Same with MB, it’s exciting.”
H2wo: “We like playing with AURA. They’re back-to-back Champions! It’s exciting”
Jimnest: “We like playing with EXE. Same with them.”

VPEsports: Do you think MPL-PH being held online has helped or hurt your team? Why?

MB: “It helped our team in a way it’s for our safety in times of pandemic. But it hurt us because of our internet connection. It’s sometimes unstable.”
Chester: “It’s for our safety so it’s okay. But the unstable internet connection is killing us.”
Renejay: “The internet connection sometimes is not good.”
Yawi: “It helped us because of the pandemic that we have.”
H2wo: “The only problem is the internet connection.”
Jimnest: “It’s scary because the internet connection is unstable. It’s safe but it’s still scary.”

VPEsports: The playoffs are almost here and BREN Esports currently only have one loss. What do you think their biggest strengths are? Any idea as to what their weakness is?

MB: “Their experience is their strength. We’ll find out their weakness soon.”
Chester: “They have a lot of experience and we are just newbies but we’ll still show them we can beat them.”
Renejay: “Their experience is their advantage. Their weakness, probably playing with unstable internet connection. We mastered it. Lol”
Yawi: “They’ve been to a lot of national and global tournaments. I don’t know their weakness yet.”
H2wo: “They have a lot of tournament experiences. Their weakness? I don’t know yet.”
Jimnest: “Their experience is their strength. I have no idea of their weakness.”

VPEsports: What do you think is your best moment of the season so far? Why?

MB: “When we successfully beat EXE in our Rematch. It’s exciting to feel that.”
Chester: “When we beat EXE, Blacklist and AURA PH. It means we can win this.”
Renejay: “The best moment was when EXE lost to us. Lol.”
Yawi: “When we beat AURA PH is the best moment.”
H2wo: “The rematch with AURA PH. And when we were able to have a 2-0 with them. They’re back-to-back Champions but we beat them.”
Jimnest: “Finishing this Regular Season and securing our spot to the Playoffs. I think that’s the best moment.”