MPL-PH Player Interview - Z4pnu

MPL-PH Player Interview - Z4pnu
Publish Date: 17 Aug 2020


Billy Jazha Alfonso, notoriously known as z4pnu, is the God of Assasins playing for Execration. As he is on his path to becoming one of the best, his advice for everyone is Follow your Dreams. Every win makes him hungrier for more victories!

A: Z4pnu.

Q: What hero would you like to cosplay in MLBB? Why?
A: Gusion because of blades.

Q: If you can obtain 1 skill from any hero in MLBB, which hero and skill would it be?
A: Fanny’s Steel Cable.

Q: If you can choose one hero as a girlfriend, who do you want to choose? Why?
A: Layla because of big boobs.

Q: Which is your favorite role and why?
A: Assassin because I'm God of assassin.

Q: Which role do you like least and why?
A: Tank because it's boring.

Q: Which hero do you dislike most or don't want to see it in the matches? Why?
A: Layla because she is cute and easy to kill.

Q: What easily triggers you in game?
A: If they are not focusing on the game.

Q: When and how did you hear about MPL-PH?
A: When MLBB announced it.

Q: Who first introduced MLBB to you? In which season did you join the MPL-PH?
A: A friend of mine, Season 2.

Q: Why do you want to become a pro player?
A: Because it makes me happy.

Q: What are you most proud of about being a pro player?
A: I can give the needs of my family.

Q: What is your motivation to keep playing professionally?
A: My Family.

Q: What does your family think about you being a pro player?
A: At first they are mad.

Q: Who is your biggest opponent in the MPL? Who do you want to win against the most? Why?
A: Our biggest opponent is AURA PH. NXP because we have the largest fan base in MLBB.

Q: Which MPL match/game impressed you the most? Why?
A: EXE vs BREN, although they are Philippine teams we can win against them.

Q: What kind of prize makes you the happiest?
A: Every win of MPL-PH.

Q: Favorite training method? Why?
A: Scrims so we can learn more about the meta.

Q: What do you wish to achieve the most from being a pro player?
A: To be a champion of MPL-PH.

Q: In the future, will you want to become a coach / caster / or leave esports? Why?
A: Coach because I believe I can teach them a lot from my experience.

Q: To you, what is the most difficult thing in life?
A: When I want to be a pro player but my family wants to focus on schooling but my dream is to be a pro player.

Q: What do you often do in the off-season?
A: Vacation.

Q: What do you want to say to your past or future self?
A: I did it.

Q: Do you have any nicknames? What are they?
A: Bunso.

Q: What is the person/thing that affects you most?
A: Family, if they have problems I have a problem too.

Q: What is your biggest advantage?
A: Being a Z4pnu.

Q: Most difficult thing to learn as a pro player (mechanics, macro play, build knowledge, team composition, etc)? What do you want to suggest to your fans who also want to be pro players?
A: Follow your dreams.

Q: What do you want to say to your fans?
A: To all the fans, thank you for supporting me!