MPL-PH Player Interview - ImbaDeejay

MPL-PH Player Interview - ImbaDeejay
Publish Date: 13 Aug 2020


Douglas Joseph Astibe II, also known as Imbadeejay, is the support player of Cignal Ultra. A gamer by heart, his positive mindset throughout his career has made his path a breeze, and he aims to represent the country in more international tournaments.

A: ImbaDeejay.

Q: What hero would you like to cosplay in MLBB? Why?
A: Valir, because he is my favorite hero.

Q: If you can obtain 1 skill from any hero in MLBB, which hero and skill would it be?
A: Rafaela's 2nd Skill. "Healing for everyone!"

Q: If you can choose one hero as a girlfriend, who do you want to choose? Why?
A: I will choose Cherick Galapin, because she is my Hero and Girlfriend in one.

Q: Which is your favorite role and why?
A: Support, because I like creating spaces for my team. Giving them vision. Letting them farm easier and faster especially in early to mid game.

Q: Which role do you like least and why?
A: Marksman, because you need to farm and get items first before you can go online and join teamfights.

Q: Which hero do you dislike most or don't want to see it in the matches? Why?
A: Fanny, because I don't know how to use it. Hahaha!

Q: What easily triggers you in game?
A: AFK players.

Q: When and how did you hear about MPL-PH?
A: 2 years ago when I was playing pub games, my friends told me about it.

Q: Who first introduced MLBB to you? When was your first MLBB game?
A: My former teammate Dusk, 2 years ago.

Q: In which season did you join the MPL-PH?
A: Season 4 we tried joining the MPL Qualifiers but suddenly, we lost in round 2.

Q: Why do you want to become a pro player?
A: Because I've been a gamer since I was a kid. I just want to make the best out of it.

Q: What are you most proud of about being a pro player?
A: Representing and playing for my country at International Tournaments.

Q: What is your motivation to keep playing professionally?
A: My motivations in playing professionally are those who believe and don't believe in me.

Q: What does your family think about you being a pro player?
A: They're good and very supportive about it.

Q: Who is your biggest opponent in MPL-PH? Who do you want to win against the most? Why?
A: I want to win against every other team. For me all of the teams in the MPL is our biggest opponent because all of them are strong and well prepared. Any team can beat any other teams.

Q: Which MPL match/game impressed you the most? Why?
A: MPL Season 4 Grand Finals Game 4, Team ONIC is in few seconds away in destroying the opponents throne but suddenly, Rafflesia made a high IQ move using the Arrival to protect the throne and using Khufra's ultimate skill to shove away the creeps and successfully defended the throne. Meanwhile, Team Sunsparks' creeps are slowly attacking the opponent's throne and destroying it. One of the best comeback games that I have watched.

Q: What was your biggest regret during a match/tournament.
A: No regrets, just love.

Q: What kind of prize makes you the happiest?
A: Learnings, for me it's the best prize in every game that we play that makes me happy.

Q: Favorite training method? Why?
A: Scrims because in this training method, the team's strength is tested with other teams. Both teams can try new lineups or strategies that they practiced and learn from each other.

Q: What do you wish to achieve the most from being a pro player?
A: I just want to win and keep learning in every game. Money, fame and titles are just bonuses.

Q: In the future, will you want to become a coach / caster / or leave esports? Why?
A: If there comes a time that I cannot play or I don't feel like playing anymore, I want to become a coach or a caster. Or any other jobs as long as it is related to E-Sports. Because I just really love gaming that much.

Q: To you, what is the most difficult thing in life?
A: For me, the most difficult thing in life is to think negatively. Just stay calm, think positive, enjoy life and live happily ever after!

Q: What do you often do in the off-season?
A: Eat a lot while watching movies and anime.

Q: What do you want to say to your past or future self?
A: You got this!

Q: Do you have any nicknames? What are they?
A: Deejay, Doug, Jay, Imba.

Q: What is the person/thing that affects you most?
A: Reality, because it's the things that happen in real life.

Q: What is your biggest advantage?
A: My biggest advantage is my positive mindset.

Q: Most difficult thing to learn as a pro player (mechanics, macro play, build knowledge, team composition, etc)? What do you want to suggest to your fans who also want to be pro players?
A: Most difficult thing to learn as a pro player is team composition. It takes months or years for a team to be well synchronized. You need to know and study yourself and your teammates' strengths and weaknesses in order your team to think and move as one. To the people who also want to become a pro player, just keep believing in yourself. Play, study, learn and love the game!

Q: Do you have any Pre-match rituals? Anything you have a habit of doing/not doing before matches?
A: Praying and battlecry.

Q: Do you have any lucky charms that you always carry?
A: Dogtag.

Q: Who is your most admired player?
A: In being a captain, Ynot. In playing support, OhMyV33nus. Overall, Greed.

Q: Tell us another player who plays the same role that you learn from.
A: OhMyV33nus, Greed, Ribo and Indonesian Supports.

Q: Who is the member you got closest with the fastest?
A: Hadess.

Q: What was the most impressive thing between you and your teammates?
A: Positive Mental Attitude, Trust, Teamwork and Respect.

Q: What do you want to say to your fans?
A: First of all I would like to thank God, everything that happens in our daily lives is because of Him. I also want to thank my family who was always there for me. To my team and management who keeps on believing me. To my friends and fans who keep on supporting me. And specially to my girlfriend Cherick Galapin, my number 1 supporter through ups and downs since day 1!! <3.