Did You Know : Crypzu

Did You Know : Crypzu
Publish Date: 10 Aug 2020

Crypt is our LEGEND OF THE HOUR! 🤩

Jay Villanua, mas kilala bilang Crypzu, ay ang Tank/Support player ng BLUFIRE. 🔥 Alam mo ba na nakakatulong ang chocolate para mailabas niya ang tunay niyang galing 💪 sa tournaments? Kilalanin si Crypzu at basahin ang aming interview. 👀

A: Crypzu.

Q: What hero would you like to Cosplay in MLBB?
A: Kaja because it's my favorite hero.

Q: If you can obtain 1 skill from any hero in MLBB, which hero and skill would it be?
A: Natalia’s invisibility.

Q: If you can choose one hero as a girlfriend, who do you want to choose? Why?
A: Rafaela so she can heal the pain I receive.

Q: Which is your favorite role and why?
A: Tank/Support because I want to be the playmaker.

Q: Which role do you like least and why?
A: Fighter because it has a boring laning phase.

Q: Which hero do you dislike most or don't want to see it in the matches? Why?
A: Lylia because she doesn't have any mobility and is useless in the early game.

Q:What easily triggers you in game?
A: Negativity of team mates.

Q: Who first introduced MLBB to you? When was your first MLBB game?
A: My friends , Season 1 of MPL-PH.

Q: What are you most proud of about being a pro player?
A: I'm proud of myself because I'm enjoying my work as a pro player.

Q: What is your motivation to keep playing professionally?
A: My family.

Q: What does your family think about you being a pro player?
A: Happy and proud.

Q: Who is your biggest opponent in the MPL-PH? Who do you want to win against the most? Why?
A: Maybe NXP because they are new in the league.

Q: Which MPL match/game impressed you the most? Why?
A: SS vs ONIC S4 Championship game because I love the attitude of SS how they came back.

Q: What was your biggest regret during a match/tournament.
A: Season 4 MPL Bad decision making.

Q: Favorite training method? Why?
A: Watching vids so I can learn how to master the hero.

Q: Who do you feel the most pressured by in your team?
A: Team mates because one of our team mates is making his debut in MPL-PH.

Q: What do you wish to achieve the most from being a pro player?
A: Winning certain titles.

Q: In the future, will you want to become a coach / caster / or leave esports? Why?
A: Coach, So I can share my knowledge.

Q: To you, what is the most difficult thing in life?
A: Being successful.

Q: What do you often do in the off-season?
A: Training hard.

Q: Where do you see yourself in the future?
A: I want to see myself being successful in this career.

Q: Do you have any nicknames? What are they?
A: Jhay / Jhay Prime / Crypzu.

Q: What is the person/thing that affects you most?
A: My mom.

Q: What is the most difficult thing to learn as a pro player?
A: Team composition and good attitude in game.

Q: Do you have any Pre-match rituals? Anything you have a habit of doing/not doing before matches?
A: Eating chocolate to get hyper.

Q: Do you have any lucky charms that you always carry?
A: Rosary.

Q: Who is your most admired player?
A: Phew.

Q: Tell us another player who plays the same role that you learn from.
A: Haze.

Q: Who is the member you got closest with the fastest?
A: Fuzaken.

Q: What was the most impressive thing between you and your teammates?
A: We're like brothers.

Q: What do you want to say to your fans?
A: Thank you for supporting me since season 1. I promise I will try my best to get this championship and please support my new team Blu Fire.