Aura PH talk Season 6 challenges, playoffs, and practice in MPL-PH interview

Aura PH talk Season 6 challenges, playoffs, and practice in MPL-PH interview
Publish Date: 23 Oct 2020
Author: Steven Cropley

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines has put together a series of interviews with the teams of the Season 6 playoffs. Hosted by Wolf, the interviews involve both serious and silly questions that show both sides of the teams being questioned.

In this interview with AURA PH, the back-to-back and reigning MPL-PH champions talk about the pressure as champions, preparation for the playoffs, what they want to say to the trophy, playing through the pandemic and more.

After introducing themselves, Wolf asked Rafflesia about their journey through Season 6 and whether or not being the defending back-to-back champions added an extra challenge.

“We’re good because as usual we’re practicing, training, and we’ve added more practice hours and training hours because we have new sponsors and we are carrying two titles,” Rafflesia explained.

In terms of what it’s like to coach a team during the current COVID-19 global pandemic, Arcadia gave an in-depth look. “Actually during the last season we had a lot of challenges because when the playoffs started last season the pandemic started to hit,” he said. “What happened was during the playoffs I wasn’t able to go to the bootcamp because there were emergencies that happened during the pandemic. The technology now has improved, it was virtual. We were like in an online class.”

Wolf then prompted the coach to share what he believes to be the teams biggest obstacle currently.

“I think the biggest obstacle right now is ourselves because when we don’t have the discipline we won’t win. If we aren’t hungry for the game we won’t be three-peat. All that’s happening can be our fault. It’s all about taking responsibility,” Arcadia explained.

Rafflesia once again fielded a question regarding the teams playoff preparation. He explained that the team is “now getting ready through training since it’s newly updated, what we do is every training we create a new play then the next day we make the play better until we perfect the play. Then we’ll create another play.”